“What’s your position on bullying?”

I am absolutely against bullying.  Bullying is both emotional and physical abuse, and it is a boundary violation.  First and foremost, it violates God’s command to “love your neighbor as yourself.”  Not only do many men with SSA have poorly established boundaries, but I’ve found modern American culture has many boundary problems.  Unfortunately some campaigns which may purport to discourage bullying are just trojan horses for anti-Biblical political agendas, while others are more emotional reactions in the form of passive-agressive actions instead of an emotionally sober response.  Please do not construe this as support or opposition to any particular anti-bullying campaign.  As Christians, we are charged with spreading God’s love for everyone, mutual respect for each other based on His love, and comfort those in grief, not demean and injure.

It is also my position that enforcing non-discrimination laws against those who do not agree to participate in same-sex weddings does not constitute slavery, which is an extreme form of bullying.