“What’s your position on ENDA?”

1) The Federal government is explicitly prohibited from making laws respecting the free exercise of religion in the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, therefore it is prohibited from making laws prohibiting employment decisions based on religious beliefs or a standard of employee conduct related to religious exercise.  Because it may not make these laws, it has no basis for jurisdiction involving them, with the exception of invalidating Federal laws which attempt to do so.   2) “Sexual orientation” lacks foundation as an entity in scientific literature.  Instead, evidence supporting the opposing belief: that all individuals are inherently heterosexual and SSA develops as the result of emotional wounds and unmet love needs finds increasing relevance in research and in formulating therapies to restore a healthy psyche.  Basing legislation on a condition which has not been observed is not sound governance.  3) It is the policy of Recently Straight LLC not to make SSA or OSA a sole determining factor in conducting business, nor to answer questions about the attractions of any contractee.  The beliefs of the contractees may vary, and are not necessarily the beliefs of the LLC.