“Hasn’t science proved gay is ‘how you’re born’?”

Actually, science has observed the opposite.  Take identical twins as an example.  They have the same DNA, and were in the womb at the same time.  Whatever affects one before birth generally affects the other.  What affects them after birth, on the other hand, does not happen the same for the other.  If genetics were the determining factor, the identical twin of someone who identifies as ‘gay’ should also identify as ‘gay’ 100% of the time.  The actual number? 11%.  Other studies have seen 9%.  So the next question is why is that rate so high?  After all, only 2-3% of men identify as ‘gay’, so why is the rate higher for twins?  We do believe that increased emotional sensitivity may be a genetically-linked trait, and that increased emotional sensitivity makes it easier for someone to be emotional traumatized, but we don’t believe emotional sensitivity is unhealthy.  In fact we believe just the opposite: many times formerly-SSA men make the best husbands and fathers, because they are much more attuned to the emotional needs of their wives and children, and after learning how to re-parent themselves to help their “inner-child” (the subconscious) heal his emotional wounds, they make great parents.