“How does changing orientation relate to salvation?”

Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ is the #1 issue facing any human.  Changing any particular emotional wounds or behavioral patterns, though possibly beneficial for others, is ultimately moot when contrasted with the consequences of eternal judgement.  Jesus reiterated God’s top priorities for man: first love God with everything you are, and secondly love your neighbor as yourself; ALL the law and the prophets hang on these.  My experience is that pursuing a change in sexual orientation lead me to be able to empathize with others and thus love them more truly.

Part of this comes from a better understanding of the 4 meanings in Greek of what we label “love” in English.  And more comes from an understanding of our how people express love to each other.  The Bible teaches us we forgive because we’ve been forgiven, we lend because we’ve been lent, and we love because we’ve been loved.  When our love needs have not been satiated, we won’t be able to share healthy love, though we may reach out for it in ways which aren’t ultimately healthy.  It’s our goal at Recently Straight to train the Church to help meet unmet love needs which lead to eroticized same-sex attractions.