4 meanings of “Love”

One of the fullest descriptions of love from the the Bible, and so many of the clarifying scriptures are written in Greek, it’s useful to know what the 4 words which get translated into “love” in our street / nut language of English are:

storge: You experience pleasure as the result of something.  “You make me happy.”  I.e.  I love banana pudding and roller coasters.  This word is not used in the Greek New Testament.

phileo: “Brotherly” love.  This is familial love.  Empathy is creates this, a feeling of sameness and belonging.  Phileo is not used frequently in the Bible.

eros: Erotic pleasure.  Calling this “love” in English is a euphemism.  It’s a feelings.

agape: This is the big one, the “highest command is to agape the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind.” kind of love.  The “agape your neighbor as yourself” kind of love.  The “holds no record of wrongs” kind, and the “We know God agapes us in this: while we were still sinners Christ died for us.”  The core of agape is working to do something good for someone not because they’ve earned it, but because you choose to do good things for them.  It’s a choice, not a feeling.


So which definition of love are Josh and Kevin using in the first episode?