I Support Sexuality Equality

I support “sexuality equality”, which means that everyone’s sexuality is equal.  Identical, in fact.  All human beings have the same sexuality: we are all designed to be erotically attracted to our complement, that which completes a bigger whole, what goes with us, but is not us.  In short – we’re all designed to be attracted to the opposite sex.  Those who feel an erotic attraction to the same sex experience it because of needs for love that haven’t been met and emotional wounds which haven’t healed.  Telling someone they ‘are gay’ and should ‘accept it’ is to unintentionally keep them trapped in that box of shame (which creates ‘gay’, not the other way around), which they relabel ‘internalized homophobia’.  “Reparative Therapy” has the goal of inspiring the real person inside, under the wounds and unmet needs to reassert himself.  All of our work is around getting in touch with our emotions through our feelings, distinguishing between truth and stories, throwing off the protection mechanisms and coping behavior that now hinder our progress, and respecting others as whole persons – including ourselves.  It’s dramatically successful (when facilitated authentically and to completion) and absolutely relies on the fact that God designed the client to be heterosexual underneath.  I have yet, in fact, to meet someone who completed authentic reparative therapy and did not ‘change’.